March 24 Hotfix Update

  • Fixed comedic eyes white parts disappearing when 'Skin Gloss/Shine' is deactivated.
  • Fixed splitting brows for exported Inochi2D models when 'Thin (Raised)' brow template is used.
  • Added 'Inochi2D' templates for some eye shapes. These templates provide better expression tracking and will replace the 'Neutral' ones for Inochi2D export.
  • Preferred Tracker option for Inochi2D now has 3 options: OSF, VTS (Android) and VTS (iOS). VTS need to be split because Android and iOS returns different face tracking parameter names.

Thanks to Yuki (Discord) and ShadyDev (Discord) for the reports! Also, there's a new mod here on by AshKaijin which is available here.


Pro (Windows 64-bit) 458 MB
Version 94 Mar 23, 2023
Nightly (Mac - Unsigned 64-bit, Intel + Apple Silicon) 567 MB
Version 489 Mar 22, 2023
Nightly (Linux 64-bit) 493 MB
Version 610 Mar 22, 2023
Nightly (Windows 64-bit) 499 MB
Version 719 Mar 22, 2023
Free (Windows 64-bit) 373 MB
Version 89 Mar 23, 2023
Pro (Linux 64-bit) 452 MB
Version 80 Mar 23, 2023
Free (Linux 64-bit) 367 MB
Version 80 Mar 23, 2023
Pro (Mac - Unsigned 64-bit, Intel + Apple Silicon) 526 MB
Version 79 Mar 23, 2023
Free (Mac - Unsigned 64-bit, Intel + Apple Silicon) 438 MB
Version 77 Mar 23, 2023

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Hey, I was wondering when the male template reworking would be done? I'm not sure what's coming with that update, but it looks like they aren't as many poses for the male template as the female template, is that going to change?

I hope you have a nice day, thank you!


There's no date at the moment. Yes, more poses will be added alongside the redraw.