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Puppetstring is an alternative to OpenSeeFace for desktop webcam tracking in Inochi Session. Designed to be easier to use with full graphical user interface plus various additional features.

Webcam Face Tracking

Mic Audio Tracking

Display Color Tracking

Keyboard Toggles

Installing via the itch.io desktop app is strongly recommended, to minimize download size and check/run the update automatically.

At the moment, Puppetstring cannot transmit Bone transformation data to Inochi Session, however we have added new blendshapes as a replacement:

psHeadPitch (replacement for Head -> Pitch)
psHeadRoll (replacement for Head -> Roll)
psHeadYaw (replacement for Head -> Yaw)
psHeadLeftRight (replacement for Head -> X)
psHeadUpDown (replacement for Head -> Y)
psHeadFrontBack (replacement for Head -> Z)

All of these blendshapes range from -1 to 1. This specific problem and workaround most likely will be resolved in the next Inochi Session update (0.8.x or 0.9).

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
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Windows (64-bit) 114 MB
Version 10 46 days ago
macOS (Unsigned 64-bit, Intel + Apple Silicon) 176 MB
Version 8 46 days ago
Linux (64-bit) 109 MB
Version 9 46 days ago

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