0.3.8 Update: Revamped Default Female Template & DLC Structure

Hello! Today we have brought another update to the stable builds of Mannequin, and it is quite a big update, to say the least. We have revamped most of the clothing templates for the default female body, adjusted the way we package DLCs, and more. Let us delve into more details:

Revamped Female Clothing Templates

Almost all clothing templates for the default female body has been revamped with a more polished art style. There are also a lot of new items added, such as basic dresses, lab coat, double-breasted blazer, and camisoles. You can see some examples of the revised art style and new templates below.


New items:

Adjusted DLC Packaging

To simplify the process in our side and ultimately bring you faster updates regarding the DLC, we have moved the currently available DLC (Christmas Collection) into the app’s installation directory (you can find it inside the /dlc subfolder). Although it only features a few templates now, the DLC will also act as an example for users wanting to create custom content. Our upcoming guides about making your own DLCs will refer to several templates inside as case studies.

We have also added a few items into this DLC. Still not a decent number yet, but a progress regardless.

What's Next?

As the revised clothing template for the default female body is now done, the natural progression is of course bringing all those changes to the default male body. In the application side of things, for the next update we are planning to add a pose selection option for batch export and provide further tweaks for faster rendering time. Also, as previously mentioned above, guides for creating custom DLCs by yourself should start to appear soon with the Christmas Collection DLC acting as an example.

That is all for now. As always, thank you very much for your continued support. Stay safe and stay creative!

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looks good, thx for everything.

Your awesome! Thank you so much for your hard work, and keep it up.