Check Out The (In Progress) Default Male Template

Hey there! It has been two weeks since the release of 0.2.0 update; and now, you can see our progress for the default male template in the nightly builds. Still naked without any clothing available though, so the remaining progress is quite far ahead.

To use this, just open the 'Body' sidebar, and click the folder icon in the 'Template' panel. Choose 'Male A', and voila!

Some minor part of the body proportions are still undergoing minor adjustments, but hopefully we can finalize this quickly then add some basic expression sets and base layer clothing by next week.

As usual, thanks for your support and see you in the next update!


Nightly (Mac - Unsigned 64-bit) 166 MB
Version 39 Feb 19, 2018
Nightly (Linux 64-bit) 165 MB
Version 55 Feb 19, 2018
Nightly (Windows 64-bit) 167 MB
Version 93 Feb 19, 2018

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