Happy Holidays! Next Update Progress and Plans for 2022

Hello! Happy holidays everyone. We hope you can relax, meet up and have good time together with your friends and family in this festive season.

Since now is the end of the year, we think that it is a good time for us to talk about the current state of Mannequin’s development and the plans for 2022. First, let us review the current state of development.

Art Polish Update Progress

The current art polish update is still moving along, albeit very slowly. The newly added body part switcher is ready, but we are still in the process of re-adding clothing templates that was cleaned up before. Here you can see some of the comparisons between the old/current art versus those that you will see in the art polish update:

You can try these out now in the latest nightly builds; clothing templates that shows thumbnails are ready to test with the female body template. Compatibility with the male body template will be re-added later after we have done with the female counterpart.

Our primary challenge for this update is the repeated trial and error needed to reach the art quality standard that we have set as a baseline. From the start, our aim with Mannequin is providing a different alternative to other character generators that is either 3D-based or pixel art-based. Mannequin should always aim to output assets as close as possible to the work of those anime/manga artists you can find on Pixiv/Skeb/Twitter. Artists who use digital painting apps such as Clip Studio Paint or Paint Tool SAI.

We can always try to rush and meet a specific deadline but doing so while sacrificing the final art quality will make the update pointless in the end. We are really sorry it has taken so long, and very grateful with your continued patience. Hopefully the decision to hold off will be compensated with great art that will make you happy in the end.

Now, time to talk about next year.

2022 Plans: 1.0 Release

The art polish update will be our last before 1.0 release. After it is done, we will clean up things outside the app itself (official website, documentation, store pages), split DLCs into proper separate downloads, and then release out of early access.

2022 Plans: Begin Development for 2.0

Immediately after 1.0 is released, we will set up development for 2.0. This version will be just another update, not a different product package that you have to pay again. The main reason why we use 2.0 is because of compatibility—there is a high chance that Mannequin 2.0 will no longer compatible with either character files or template configuration files created for prior versions.

Worst case scenario: You will need to recreate your character from scratch after updating to 2.0. 

Best case scenario: You will be able to use old character files but still lose something in the process.

So, what is the changes that will be added in the 2.0 update?

Modular Pose Templates

We will be splitting pose templates into three parts: Stance, Arm Gesture, and Head Gesture.

Stance will change how the overall body posed, whether it is standing straight, contrapposto, pigeon-toed, sitting or lying down. Arm gesture will include options such as crossed arms, akimbo, hand-on-hip or waving. Head gesture will include options such as straight, tilted, or turned.

We will also implement props, such as holding something that can be replaced by user. For example, holding a long stick prop which can be replaced with sword, club, or axe. Another example is sitting with prop that can either be a chair, sofa, or wheelchair.

Modular Clothing Templates

We will implement more parameters into clothing templates, which will increase flexibility in creating your unique clothing design and reduce the listing of multiple items with minor differences in the library window.

For example, all T-Shirts will be consolidated into a single template, with parameters such as Neck, Left Sleeve and Right Sleeve.


We have researched several possible file formats related to game engines or animation apps that is open (either not encrypted or has documentation regarding the file structure and contents), and as a result we now have some degree of confidence in adding animations to Mannequin.

For now, we are preparing for these export options: Adobe Animate CC’s XFL, Godot’s TSCN/ESCN, and Unity Asset Package. Unfortunately, Unreal has no official implementation for 2D bone animation yet; they only have flipbook animation for now.

In this first implementation, expect only simple animations: eye blink, idle breathing, and small hand gestures (waving, for example). Something that is geared towards visual novels or RPG dialogs, not platformers or fighting games.

Will There Any Other Updates Before 2.0?

We will still add new content to the default library and release more DLC packs while 2.0 is under development. 2.0 will use the same art assets that exists in prior versions, with very minor changes if necessary. Bugfixes and small feature tweak or addition are also still pretty much in the cards for 1.x releases.

Anyway, that’s it for now! As always, thank you very much for your continued support, stay safe, stay healthy and happy holidays!

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Hello, is there any eye/mouth combination in the full version that allows you to create an expression such as pain/suffering/grief? And also crying? With tears on the cheek or face? It would be great if various expressions could be created for different moods or characters. The same goes for anger/rage. Thanks a lot for this excellent software. 

The full version currently does not have additional expression parts, just additional clothing templates. We hear you however, and will work to add these additional expressions in future update!

Thanks for replying. It will be great if these assets have the possibility to be implemented in the future. To shape a character in such way would make a difference.

looking forward for future updates, amazing tool

Thank you very much for your kind words!

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Hello, I have a question regarding this generator.

I want to make some characters for my RPG Maker MZ Project and I would like to know is this program can export for it? (I'm just starting out)

I think I need PNG for it.

The other question I have is are you able to export a "side/diagonal way" looking bust of a character? Like I want my character to look to the side, rotated like in some 2D RPG's, would this program be able to do that? Or is it possible to look sideways then export it like that somehow via internal/external means?

Thank you for this amazing program btw.

Right now we only have front-facing poses. 3/4 and side views are planned but not yet added. Feel free to use the demo/lite/free version if what you need is just PNG! Both the free and pro version are updated roughly at the same frequency.

Hi! I'm sorry if this is a dumb question but how do I see my pictures? Since it saves as a MQN file I'm not sure how to open them.

You have to export them as PNG (or other formats) first. Click the camera icon on the left side of the screen to open the export sidebar.

Thank you so much! I'm so sorry that I didn't notice that before! I really do love this product and I can't wait for more!


No worries! Glad you liked it. Hopefully with each update it will bring more use to you!

Deleted post

Best wishes to you and your loved ones too! Hopefully with each update you'll have more fun with the app!

Thank you for the news and update. Wishing you, your family, your friends and of course,  your work colleagues the best wishes for the coming Year!

Thank you very much for your support and kind words! Have a good time in this end of year season, and even more in the next year!

Wow! Kudos!

Looking forward to this. 

Thank you for your hardwork! b>_<d

Thank you very much for your support and kind words! Hopefully we will able to deliver these updates relatively fast and with satisfying results for you!