Latest Progress from Nightly & Charity Sale

Hello! It has been quite a long time since our last development log, and we are here to recap all the updates that happened in the nightly channel, which ranges from UI improvements, bug fixes, and art style updates.

UI Improvement: Advanced Color Copy-Paste

When you’re using advanced color option for various items (such as skin color, hair color or clothing), you might feel a slight inconvenience in copying each of the base, highlight and shadow color one by one. Now you can use the available buttons to copy and paste all of them.

New Feature: Brow Adjustments

Now you can adjust brow height and separation to fine-tune the expression of your characters.

Bugfix: Teeth Rendering Problems

Teeth are no longer missing when you disable skin gloss/shine.

Bugfix: Drag-and-Drop from File Explorer

Dragging and dropping a file to Mannequin’s main window will do nothing for now. In previous builds, doing this will open the file in the main window, removing all of Mannequin’s UI. We have blocked this behavior for now; in the future we’ll be adding proper drag-and-drop handling for Mannequin’s specific file formats and image files for background as requested by the community.

Art Style Update Progress

We’ve redrawn a lot of things since our last log. Poses with hand gestures are still not ready yet, but various clothing items has been totally reworked for significantly better outputs.

Why We Got Quiet?

As you might already know, we are working on Mannequin as a side project alongside our daytime job. When those jobs got quite a bit hectic, our priority is always development first, forum replies second, Twitter third, and development log last. We’ll try our best to put logs periodically, but from time to time that will be quite a bit much for us.

Charity Sale: Palu & Lombok

A string of unfortunate events has happened in our country lately: Around two months ago, an earthquake struck Lombok. Last weekend another one hit Palu, followed by a tsunami. To help people who are affected with these disasters, we are holding a limited time sale until October 3 (or maybe longer, depending on the funds gathered). All revenue that we got during that period will be donated via ACT (

That’s all for now! As usual, thank you very much for your interest and support. Wherever you are, we hope you’re safe and sound.


Nightly (Mac - Unsigned 64-bit) 163 MB
Version 111 Sep 30, 2018
Nightly (Linux 64-bit) 162 MB
Version 129 Sep 30, 2018
Nightly (Windows 64-bit) 164 MB
Version 196 Sep 30, 2018

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I salute your efforts to help those in need. Purchasing a copy right now.

 I wish your people the best of luck and as speedy of a recovery as possible.

Thanks for your support! We have sent the funds gathered during the sale period around two weeks ago. We'll post some details alongside the app development progress in the next devlog which should be posted in a couple days or so.


Thanks for the hard work you've been putting into this! There's not many good character creators out there, so this is a blessing  in my opinion. 


Thank you very much, glad you like it! Hopefully we'll be able to put more time to this project, and develop it as fast as possible.