Nightly Builds Now Available

As mentioned in our post before, Mannequin is currently gearing up for the awaited 0.2.0 release. Due to the long duration for it to be ultimately finished, we've decided to change our release model a little bit. We've added a 'Nightly' installation option which will give you Mannequin's, well, nightly builds.

These builds are generally updated every evening (GMT+7) and very likely to feature any of these:

  • Bugs;
  • Very little changes over previous build;
  • Incomplete features;
  • etc.

You have been warned 😉


Windows (Nightly 64-bit) 110 MB
Version 10 Jul 19, 2017
Linux (Nightly 64-bit) 111 MB
Version 6 Jul 19, 2017
Mac (Nightly - Unsigned 64-bit) 111 MB
Version 1 Jul 19, 2017

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