Latest from Nightly: Redraws are Halfway Done!

Hello! It has been quite a long time since our last conversation, and today we brought quite a nice preview about what's happening in the nightly builds.

Clothing redraws are roughly halfway done, with clothing items and female standby (no hand gestures) poses more or less done. Our focus in this long and painstaking redraw process is basically to accommodate a more natural clothing behavior; in Mannequin's current stable version, everything must be tightly wrapped around the skin, unless you want strange occurrences where clothing in the base layer (i.e. t-shirt) sticking outside its outer layer counterpart (i.e. blazer).

With the latest update in the layering system, we were able to mitigate this and therefore, a better detailed clothing has been decided to be implemented.

So, How does It Work?

We implemented a new layer parameter (true/false) which will basically tell the system to remove the aforementioned layer when it's rendered below another layer from other clothing items. Using this, we can make various relaxed-fit clothing items that will revert to a tight fit when is 'wrapped' by another layer of clothing.

Some Previews:

As you can see above, sweater and cardigan, for example, naturally has a quite loose fit. When wrapped with a blazer, there's no overlapping parts from these items even though the blazer has a tighter fit.

What's Next?

Besides the obvious missing poses, we still want to refine some details further, especially related to creases and overall color contrast. It'll be quite a long journey still, but as you can see from the preview above, it's something that is very worthwhile.

Charity Sale Report

Several weeks ago we held a short charity sale for helping the recent disaster in our home country, Indonesia. Here are the reports regarding the funds collected:

As you can see, we've raised a bit over 60 USD, and with the current exchange rate it's equal to nearly one million IDR. That's what we sent to our preferred relief group, ACT (

Our most heartfelt thanks to those who contribute during the sale!

That's all for now! A little heads up: Our day job has quite a rush job until around the first week of November, so updates will be scarce during this period, even for the nightly builds. Hopefully all is well and we can get back to full throttle as soon as possible!

As usual, we are grateful for your continued interest and support. Thank you very much, and don't forget to say hi to us on Twitter!


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Version 124 Oct 24, 2018
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Version 142 Oct 24, 2018
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Version 211 Oct 24, 2018

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